Tarmac Drive Restoration in Somerset

Tarmac Drive Restoration in Somerset

Our Tarmac Drive Restoration Services Include:

  • Tarmac Drive Cleaning
  • Tarmac Drive Repairs
  • Oil & Stain Removal
  • Moss & Algae Treatment
  • Colour Restoration (black, red or green)
  • Application of Tarmac Sealers

If you have a tarmac or asphalt surface that requires cleaning and sealing.

Please ask for a FREE no obligation quote.

Some examples of our Tarmac Restoration Service:



Tarmac sealer is a superb easy to apply Tarmac restorer designed to rejuvinate and transforms tired tarmac, offers a cost effective alternative to replacement of driveway.

  • Transforms the appearance of any existing Tarmac Driveway
  • Replaces lost resin from Tarmac, vastly superior to bitumen based tarmac paint
  • 20 litre drum, average coverage 40-60 sq metres
  • Easy to apply with roller
  • Re-creates original colour of Tarmac
  • Avoids need for expensive replacement
  • Long term protection, reduces future Tarmac repair
  • Covers unsightly cement and oil stains or marks
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